6 Jun 2008

Today I will be a bridesmaid

No time for updates on the mum, except to say she is still doing well and I will know more later.

Not that I will be able to update here as I am off being a bridesmaid all day.

I have defuzzed all areas that need defuzzing, plucked my eyebrows and other forms of torture to be wedding ready.

I have to bog off now!


  1. Have a good time, and remember during the photos imagine you are a duck (inwardly, no quacking!)


  2. I have defuzzed all areas that need defuzzing...

    This concerns me...

  3. You defuzzed yourself? Very interesting. Have a great time Red. :)

  4. Defuzzing and weddings always go together, especially if you're the bridesmaid, right? Right?! Unless, I'm missing something here? Have a good time Claire!

  5. Best of luck for the wedding and I hope everything comes out okay with Mum's surgery. Keep us posted when you can.

  6. @thriftcriminal, Oh noes! I read your great advice too late and just gritted my teeth instead :)

    @mark, mmmmmmmmmmm bad mark!

    @jillian, What concerns you? That I needed defuzzing, have defuzzed? or something else?

    @sandee, who defuzzes you? Do you go to a professional? interesting! :)

    @olga, Thank you, I did! :)

    @ginger, Your right, I think its the law, lol :)

    @tisha, aww thanks tish, the wedding went well and the mum is looking good :)

  7. Defuzzing leaves WAYYY too much to the imagination but being as I am female, I totally understand....

    Do have a BLAST and play NICE!

  8. @petra, that is because people are perverts! pffft :)

    I played nice :)