1 Jul 2008

How do you like the new look?

At last I have a new look for this blog! I had wanted to change it for ages, but I absolutely hate messing round with HTML code and all that bollocks.

So when chica-x was offering to skin ten people over on the BC discussions board, I jumped on board. I thought I was signing up to torture people when she mentioned skinning people, but instead it meant she was going to make my blogs look nice.

I was over the moon when she did the Doodle Week blog, but then she decided to do this one as well! All she needed to know was what colours I liked, how many columns I wanted and what images to use. I hmmmmmed and ermmmmed for a while, then said how about looking in my flickr selection, yes I am helpful (not). So the background is some of my photographs, but the legs and pen pot are chicas work, I particularly love the legs, seen here in more detail.

The only thing I really said to chica was create something that sums up by blog and I think she got it spot on. I love love love everything about it, including the navbar so that I can finally have a link to an 'about me' page.

In the future she is going to do some before and after shots, so that will show how much of an improvement she has made to this little blog of mine.

I warned her that this may be a vomit inducing post, involving lots of praise and arse kissing. So here is a brief run down of her own blogs, damn this girl is creative! Each template is fantastic and proves that even on blogger/blogspot you can have beautiful templates. Well if you are talented enough to do it yourself or get someone to do it for you.

I'm just a blogger This is her more personal blog full of funny moments and some rude stuff.
Photo Projectz Prepare to get photographically challenged, chica really pushes you to photograph interesting unusual things.
Dear Chica forget Dear Abby, Dear Chica is a hoot. You may not get the advice you want or need, but it sure is funny. She needs some submissiond people, go over there now!

Chica-x = Taking the fugly out of Blogger Templates.

On a side note: Noticed the new comment box? You can now use this style of comment box in blogger/blogspot by logging into blogger in draft and enabling the option there.

For more info check out this post: New comment box!!!


  1. Very nice work Chica-X and a very nice look Claire.

    One thing: "All she needed to know was what colours I liked."

    And you said "Dull olive and beige please!"? You so crazy.

  2. looks great! very welcoming :)

  3. it's lovely red!

    smiles, bee

  4. Hi.
    I've had you in my favourites for a long time, and enjoy visiting your blog now and then.

    i got tagged from Helena-skyblue and i hope it's OK i tagged you and i hope you have time to answer and send it forward to others.

  5. LOL What a proper vomit inducing post, I think I threw up in my heart a little, but I believe I have some Tums around here somewhere. Glad ya dig it. :D

  6. @Mark, It is excellent work by Chica-x and I am very lucky :)
    I am crazy, I talk to you don't I :)

    @bkroads, Thanks very much, that's just the feel I wanted :)

    @Empress Bee, Cheers me dears :)

    @bskaad, Its always nice for a lurker to come and comment. I noticed the tag in my technorati link thingies. I may just answer them on your blog.

    @Chica, I left out the poetry and the song I wrote for you, lol!

  7. Yeah. Like the others said: very beautiful. Just like Chica. (Not that I don't think you are beautiful too, but I know damn well better than to say it.) :)

  8. I like the new look very much. Congratulations! Have a great day Red. :)

  9. So, so nice! Wow, it feels so much more organized! She managed to capture the Many Facets of Claire! :)

  10. The new layout looks great even on my iPod

  11. Looks great... Thanks for following me on twitter.

  12. Very snazzy, I like it! Also liking the fact that blogger has sorted comments out :)

  13. I must say, this place is looking wonderful tonight.

    Why if this web-log was a woman, I would take it out for dinner and then back to mine for a damn fine rogering.

    In other words: it's very nice indeed.

  14. Hey I'll have to wait to get home to see the new header, The Man (IT dept at The Job) deems anything remotely "social networking" as inaccessible so if the file comes from flickr or photobucket, it will be blanked out. I can't wait to get home to see it, other than that, nice font and layout.

  15. Well, this is a very nice layout.

  16. Very nice. I like the way it looks. It was fine before, but this is really special. Kind of like a new pair of pants.

  17. Holy crapoley!
    I had to do a double-take and re-check whose blog I clicked on!
    It looks faaabulous, darlin! And it loads so quick, too!
    You think we can get chica-x to do one of these for our Gracie?

    A wonderful change!

  18. Claire,

    The new site is phenominal. She did a wonderful job and really captured the variety of your site.

  19. I love it! It loads so much quicker than your old one and looks much neater.

  20. I think it was very nice of her to leave out the varicose veins and bunions. Did you request that?

  21. @relax max, yes it is beautiful :)

    @sandee, cheers, I am so happy with it.

    @Jenn, Your definitely right about it being organised and capturing me. It's even nicer not having the html headache that goes with changing templates :)

    @Daniel, Thanks for saying that :) Its like getting a BC seal approval :)

    @star, thanks for that! I only noticed that you had twitter today :)

    @Alison, Thanks and this comment system seems to be working well, only added it yesterday.

    @Lord Likely, your in luck, this web log is a woman! heh :)

    @Redbeard, I think you will be impressed with chica's work :) The Man ruins all the fun :(

    @curmy! hey curmy :) Glad you like it :)

    @Da old man, Your right before it was just an ordinary pair of pants, now its like a pair of Pulling Pants :)

    @Mo, Holy Crapoly indeed! I shall keep an eye on chicas future projects and see if she is up to doing any more :)

    @Angelika, Thanks for commenting Angelika and I am glad you love it :)

    @Jamie, It is phenomenal and she just makes it seem so easy :)

    @Akelamalu, I am so happy it is loading quicker, chica said I had a very shitty template before and I had overloaded it with crap.

    @.45, Twunt and to think I was going to miss you :(

  22. Nice new look. Kudos to both of you. :)

  23. love the new look! I didn't realize that's what her discussion on bc meant, lol ... i should have signed up too.

    Love the header :)

  24. I love the new look!!!!!! but more importantly, I want to know where I can get those shoes in your header, lol.

  25. I think it looks grand!! Very nice, very nice indeed!

  26. I love the new look. But the heels in the banner need to be higher. Or is that just me? I like my shoes tall. :)

  27. OMG, I LOVE IT!!!

    It's awesome. I ♥ the colors and especially the header. She did an amazing job.

  28. A Template change is never an easy undertaking on a blog with any customizations, but this template fits your site perfectly! And Chica is certainly a talented girl.

  29. Let's see, that would be part twat, and part c…. I like it, good show!

    And I like to lead love fests, not join them … wait, who am I kidding? If there's a love fest, I'm cumming(sp?) one way or another, and I already told you it was the tits!

  30. It's my first visit. I am VERY impressed. I LOVE the layout of your blog and the bits I have had a chance to read are great....I will be back. And THANKS for your comments too. Always encouraging, always upbeat.
    Caroline (aka Nomadic)

    PS - we missed MGMT, much to my daughter's despair. Saw Wombats (my fav), Amy Winehouse (again), Scouting for Girls, Subways, Biffy, Duffy, Jack Pinate, I could go on.....

  31. @lady banana, Cheers :)
    @lana, Thanks, a bigger chunk of kudos to chica than me :)

    @Drowsey, you just wanted to skin people alive, now didn't you.

    @Monique, Thanks! You will have to ask chica about the shoes :)

    @Linda, cheers :)

    @Hayley, I am 5'8/9, so I really don't need to be any taller :)

    @crazy tisha, I love it too! :)

    @Will, thanks ever so much and I hope you like the new comment box? Blogger listened to you eventually.

    @.45, A jolly good show :)
    You and your spelling problems, if only you were on the east coast and then I could teach you how to spell it properly. It has an O in it.

    @Nomadic, Hey thanks for popping over! and for promising to come back :)

    You missed MGMT! how gutting. Love the wombats and Biffy. Was Amy as awful as she sounded on the radio? I had to turn it off.

  32. Wow! This looks REALLY great! Great job, Claire!

  33. You're getting really good at this game. ;)

    No need to rub it in that you're visiting Boston AND eating peach cobbler, though. Those are 2 of my favorite things to do.

  34. Most excellent! It looks really good. I came over from Britishspeak to see what on earth Max was talking about. Pay no attention, he has no taste whatsoever, as I dare say you have noticed :)

  35. I love it I think its great ! I sent a email telling you so LOL not sure if you received it ? not sure if I sent it to the right place !
    I hate not having message tag on hotmail !

  36. @Dead Rooster, Thanks ever so much! The hard work was done by Chica :)

    @.45, I have had a good teacher.
    I will rub it in a lot and I will enjoy my first time eating Peach cobbler, as its been highly recommended.

    @A., Thanks A! I rarely pay attention to him anyway, haha!

    @Jane, Yes I got the email, I am just slow at replying to them, sorry :)

    Thanks for loving the new look :)

  37. Phwoarrrrrr! The new layout is looking yummy :)
    Chica-x is veeery clever, no? Everything is so clear and available, I can see all of your tag cloud and as a first port of call I think I may have to investigate "ass hat"...

  38. The first time will always be the best. ;)

  39. @Bird, Getting a phwoarrrrrr is a great compliment, possibly the highest a blog layout can achieve :)

    Chica is exceptionally clever! she is sick of me saying it :)

    Investigate away, I am sure the tag cloud will take you to strange places.

    @.45, I will be sure to lick the plate clean.

  40. Chica-X skinned you nicely. Quite a change with the comments box too, though I'm not sure it should bring me straight to the box, the way it does. Why not make me scroll through all the other comments first?

  41. You gave me a lovely visual I may use later.

    An awesome substitute (or intro), BTW, is Ben & Jerry's Willy Nelson Peach Cobbler ice cream. I'm actually gonna go get some right now, and after, will probably wanna find someone to make out with. It's THAT good.

  42. @Mark, She did indeed :)

    I am not sure why it does that?

    @.45, I wonder what you will use it for?

    I am not an ice cream fan, but I would probably try it, if its that nice :)

  43. Det ser jævlig bra ut! Gratulere :)
    Du ser litt redd ut på bilde, hehe.

  44. @Thomas, Grrrr I will have to go to the translator this......

    Hmm something about congratulations, good one, a picture and hehe!

    I think that is good?

  45. "It looks bloody good. Congrats :)
    You look a little afraid on the pic, hehe"


  46. @Thomas, Excellent use of 'bloody' :)

    I do look a little afraid actually,hah!

    @pentad, Thank you! Over a week later and I am still singing Chica's praises for doing such a great job :)