2 Jul 2008

The munchification of a Dahlia


Some beast is munching on the dahlias but they are still beautiful and I love taking macro shots of them. So expect a lot more shots of this one in various stages of munchification. On typing out munchification it appears it is in fact a valid word? I like it a lot and will be using it more now.

PS: My very special guest has arrived, but they are too tired for photographs. Hopefully after a good night's sleep they will be less grumpy.


  1. Munching? The only thing that could've been munching was flies. And I don't really think flies like dahlia.

    PS: I know a girl named Dahlia.

  2. Lovely photo. Where's the munching? It looks perfect to me.

  3. I love the intensity of the color on this photo.

    And munchification, that's definitely a keeper, even though my spell check doesn't like it.

    Munchification, FTW!

  4. It wasn't me! I didn't munch.

    Great macro.

  5. Phantastic photo! And now that I'm able to see your new blog skin, I must say, I applaud Chica, that is simply awesome!

    I can't wait to see what your secret visitor is going to do.

  6. What the heck is munchinficationing (now thats a mouthful!) on the flower? I'm not seeing anything but a really rad photo of a flower. :D

  7. Inspite of the munchinfication, it's a beautiful shot.

  8. Gorgeous colors and details.
    Do you all have earwigs over there? Here in the colonies, earwigs LOVE to eat dahlias.

  9. Very cool shot, Claire. I can't wait to find out who your grumpy visitor is!!

  10. I expect her batteries need recharging ...... tsk

  11. Wonderfully composed and taken!

  12. we have some munchification happening on our holly hocks. i think they are japanese beatles. ughs.

    have a great day.

  13. Lovely flowers with brilliant colors!

  14. I was hoping to see some pictures of munchifying, albeit very tiny, Godzilla-like beasts.
    Either way, very nice picture. You are a talent for photography.

  15. @hannah fanna, there is definitely some munchage going on, honest :)

    @feefifoto, its on the outer edges and thank you :) You will be able to see it more clearly in the next photo :)

    @Hayley, Yes I am loving the colour too, the flowers are quite big so its makes taking the photos easier. Definitely munchification FTW!

    @Sandy, I would have to be upset with you if you munch my plants, so I am glad you didn't :)

    @Chris, me too, well now that I know they are dahlias :)

    @rmgales, I thought so too, its a lovely despite its flaws.

    @Redbeard, Cheers, I am glad you like the photo and the layout, chica is awesome :)

    The secret guest will be revealed tonight!

    @Chica, It has been munched on the outer edges of the petals :)

    @Mo, I will have to look up about the earwigs, I think we do have them here.

    @crazy tisha, all will be revealed about grumpy visitor tonight! :)

    @Daddy Papersurfer, Tsk indeed and shame on you :)

    @June, thanks ever so much :)

    @Star, I wonder of we have those beetles? I need to look up my bugs! :)

    @Lisa, cheers :)

    @Da old man, I will use that idea for doodle week :)

    Thanks for the compliment :)

  16. That's a great one. I love macro shots of flowers!

  17. Great shot. I will have to come back so that I can see the word munchification more often. :)
    Have a great day!

  18. Actually, Munchification refers to the changing of blue monkeys into Munchkins. It is an official Wizard of Oz procedural euphemism. According to Chica, it takes place on the Yellow Brick Road and involves a much younger and thinner Elton John and quite a bit of chartreuse vomit. (Chunder, to you, luv. Although chunder is primarily Aussie, and always always always brown. But damn close enough, I would reckon.)

    I'm just going by the advice found on "Dear Chica", so this is not really original. Or even true, come to think of it. Truth not being a main requirement of Chica's blog, of course. (Imagine smiley face with one wink here.) (For Chica's benefit, not yours.)

    And your speller thingy is broken, then. Or perhaps you are using an invalid British spelling model. That could be. You would have to ask Redbeard about that. It snot an American word.

    Thank you for letting me be mice elf today.

    Onion gravy and chips rule. Yay is me.

  19. And thank God I've missed the cut for you answering comments. Twice in a row.

  20. Also, I didn't notice a comment today by that asshole Max. So there's that in your favor today as well, right?

  21. I just love macro garden shots. I don't have any dahlias this year, so I'm doubly happy to enjoy yours!

  22. Sorry to hear that your lovely dahlias are being munchified. It's always somethin' isn't it?? :-P


  23. @Ana, Thanks for that, expect a lot more :)

    @Angie, Cheers and I will be using munchification a lot more. There are some lovely flowers that deserve to be photographed munchified or not :)

    @Yummy, Puking would be better than chunder :) I googled the word and lots of other folks have used it, therefore its real enough for me :)
    Onion gravy and chips do rule.

    @Greg, Hey thanks for commenting, this is the first year of Dahlias for me, lets see how long they last and if they come back next year :)

    @BNS, I know! I have captured some sort of bug on them, when I post it someone may be able to identify it as the culprit :)