14 Aug 2009

Fluffy socks

I have a thing for mad socks, not a thing 'thing', I just like them. They are great for keeping the feet warm and more importantly, great for sliding on floors. Aren't you glad you know that wonderful piece of information about yours truly.


  1. Those look like something that Jamie would like as red and black are her favorite colors. Too warm here right now for fluffy socks, though!

  2. I love em! I wouldn't be caught dead in them, but I love em!

  3. As mad socks go, they take some beating.

  4. Your a nutt girlfriend!!!! How is the Mum?

  5. I love fluffy socks. Especially when they are not matching.

  6. @Italo, They are indeed full of greatness.

    @Linda, Sometimes you have to be a slave to fashion or something.

    @evilredcaboose, Welcome to this here blog :) I was expecting yeti, but I will take cute! lol.

    @Phoenix, I think you are hankering after a pair, go on admit it... :)

    @Jean-Luc, I have them beat :)

    @Callie, there is no doubt :) Not bad at the mo.

    @Aly, most of my socks don't match, it is easy to keep track of these ones though lol. The sock monster must be afraid of them :)

  7. OMG! I haven't done that since I was 8 and had lots of hardwood polished floors to run and WHEEEEE on!

    Dang, now I got another 'requirement' for when I move to do things I tell my kids not to, lol.

  8. @John That is not something you should tell your kids NOT to do, it should be actively encouraged! Shame on you, killjoy!


  9. ooh, I likes them! Great for an ohio winter or a draughty house back home in the northeast :)

  10. I have socks like that, thank you! They call them "Stay at Home Socks," for a very good reason.
    Growing up, we had a super long hall, tiled with linoleum which was kept highly polished. My bro and I had a blast sock-skiing down the hall! No wonder the floors were shiny!
    Thanks for the memory.

  11. those are REALLY wild socks good find..!!!!!

  12. Ooooo! I love those socks. I have a pair exactly like that...well, except they're pink...and they don't have stripes. Anyway... Yeah, they do great on hardwood floors.

  13. Oeh! nice socks! I love the colors!

    Hey, can't you use these to scare away the moths??

  14. I'm crazy about socks and floor sliding is also a hobby of mine. Crank up the music. Your red and black strped ones up there are sweet. My current faves are purple fuzzies.

  15. I am loving all the mad sock love, just wait till you see the rest of the beast. Yes, yes I am a sad bastard.

    @Jaffy, I think your next artistic muse should be my socks :)

    @Gracie, Yes they are definitely stay at home socks, I once wore them out thinking no one would see them, but when I got to friends house I was made to take my boots off lol Sliding on floors is a joy :)

    @Kaori, Oh thanks :) They are rather wild. Thanks for popping in :)

    @Leeuna, I also have ones exactly like them that are pink without stripes lol, I know what you mean :) Cheers for popping in.

    @TJ Lubrano, in theory a good idea, but if my face at 5am doesn't scare the moths, the socks have no chance lol.

    @TT, Yes cranking up the music is a must! I wish I had a longer floor sliding space!

    Thanks for all the comments dude, if you are new to these parts Hello!

    I do write stuff, but out the moment I am having a hard time downloading the stuff from my brain.

  16. mmm.. where can i get a pair?

  17. My mum has always encouraged me to wear super fluffy socks, I dig them in the winter only, thouhg :)