23 Jan 2010

Regardless of the mood, the sun still sets.

After writing last weeks waffle on the evils of those walls made of bricks, I realised I was in dire need of fresh air and good company. So on the Saturday I played out with friends and was even refused entrance to a nightclub because apparently all three of us looked younger than 25. Whilst I admit to looking youthful, the bouncer knew very well that we were old enough to drink in that establishment. Ah well, no harm, no foul, we just toddled over to the nearest pub and gazed upon the strange folk that inhabit my town. Out of the three of us out that night, it is only I that still live in town in which we all grew up. They, out of some morbid curiosity, ever now and then, want to play out in our old stomping grounds, but once there, realise why they are the stomping grounds of old. A good time was still had, but hopefully they have learnt their lesson this time and we pick somewhere decent next time.

The next morning, even though a few sherbets where had by all, I had no hangover! This may be down to consuming a rather large bacon butttie when I got in? We all know that bacon is the food of Gods and drunk people. So I had another one when I woke up too, heh.  The weather was unusually sunny and nice, so I decided to head out with the dad for a spot of birdwatching. This also meant I could take the camera out for a proper play outside, instead of just in the garden. It was more than delightful to out and about, stretching the legs and getting some fresh air! Firstly we went to a small nature reserve called Marton Mere and then headed to Southport. At Southport, I got there just in time to see this beautiful sunset! It was absolutely lovely.

Even as the light began to fade, the scenery still looked so beautiful and peaceful.

I have noticed, when I feel bad about being behind in college work, I don't doodle.

The post I was going to write, was a post on my thoughts/fears on becoming a therapist, but I couldn't find the words I wanted to use. Then I wondered if it would be something that anyone would like to read? Do you wonder what motivates someone to become a therapist? Do you wonder what scares the shit out of them?


  1. Well of course we all wonder what motivates someone to want to help others - especially with something like therapy where you are sure to encounter some major monsters now and again! And as far as what scares you, I suspect it's a lot of the same things that scare us all - fear of not doing our job well, fear of mucking something up, fear of giving someone the wrong advice ... am I even close?

    Lovely pictures! Glad you had a chance to get out and stretch your legs. Cameras tend to motivate people in that general direction now and again. I'm sure were it not for my Nikon I'd spend a lot more time in the house and a lot less out in pursuit of elusive trains!

  2. I have a horrible fear of failure-it keeps me from doing what I love best, and it makes me angrier than hell. I saw a therapist 2x. He told me I have a "saviour complex," and really ticked me off. Looking back on it, I've come to the conclusion that he was probably right. Like the issues with my addicted son, I hurt that I can't "save" him, but I no longer punish myself for not being able to do so. Linda said it far much better than I.
    I've been missing your lovely walk-about pictures and am happy to see you're able to get out for more. Is your dad really a "birder?"
    Have a better week...

  3. Hello Claire! I love this post and the pictures are simply amazing!

    You're right every once in a while you need to have some fun and take a break from everything else. I tend to lack in this part, because I keep thinking "Nooo I can't go outside! I..I.."
    and then I try to find a reason, I can never think of one ^_^. But I do try to have some fun with my sisters, baking stuff, watching movies, or working on music thingies, dance around. It's what keeps me sane in the least I think it does haha!

    To get motivated I listen to music...a lot of music and then mainly soundtracks of anime or movies or games. Music is the only thing that can calm me down when I'm upset or frustrated.

    I don't know a lot about therapy, but I can relate to what Linda said; the fear of not doing the right thing or helping someone properly. In the end it is this fear that can block your way of thinking and your actions. You have to trust yourself and have the confidence that you are going to be a good therapist! I'm sure you will do just fine! I have faith in you ^_^!

    As for doodling...I tend to draw more when I feel bad about my school work. But when I draw I have my school work at the back of my mind too -_-'. So it is a constant battle and bubbles are popping everywhere too!

    Ciao Xxx
    Ps.: I commented back on your HUGE post, with a HUGE reply hehehe ^_^.

  4. Beautiful pictures, and I think that writing a post on your thoughts/fears about becoming a therapist is a good idea. I'd be interested! :) And I think it is ok for people to know we are human after all *grin*.

  5. I've also published a sunset photo in my latest posts but your photos are extra-ordinary. I appreciate them very much. Thank you so much for capturing and for sharing with us.


  6. Isn't it weird when you return to places you have good memories of. It's never quite the same.

    I've been invited to go out in the town I grew up in by my cousin - not sure if I should or not for exactly the reasons you wrote about.

    Great post.

  7. love the title of your post. :) I'm going to try to remind myself of that whenever life gets tough. :)

  8. Are you kidding? I would LOVE to hear a therapist's thoughts on becoming a therapist!
    You youngster, you.

  9. Glad you got away from your brick wall into the healing light of a sunset. Gorgeous photos! Like all the rest of your devoted fans I would love to hear your personal take on this therapy thing. I trained and worked as a therapist for several years in my late 20s, led some groups, had some individual clients, but finally quit due to my reservations about "helping" people and my even bigger reservations about holding a steady job. With me, indifference and personal irresponsibility always win out in the end.

  10. @Lindy Loo
    Yes I guess you are kind of close with some of that, it is definitely my own fears and not even about the future clients. I guess I will be writing that post lol

    I love your Train pics, they have definitely been worth the all the attempts. The camera certainly does motivate me to get out more, with the project365 thing and Heather's wedding, I certainly am getting some practice in.

    @Amazing Gracie
    Isn't it a shitter when someone gives some advice, you hate it, so dismiss it and then realise they were/are right!

    I wish that son of yours would help himself :(

    Yeah I am mucho happy to be out and about once more, have missed it a lot. Yep the dad is really a birder!

    Yep I am the same, with the 'No I cant go out and play', 'but I want to go out and play' internal battle!

    But, you really need to get out and get some fresh air, I think it makes you more productive in the long run and stops you from going stare crazy! lol.

    At least you do have your sisters to keep you entertained, mine live to far away!

    I am definitely on a music vibe at the moment, I love the music on Anime, so may give that a whirl.

    In regards to the therapy thing, I am going to have to write that post, but you are pretty much spot on!

    Damn bubbles!

    I sneaky suspicion that you would write that! Curse you lol.

    Thanks muchly

    It is definitely odd for sure, sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised by the trips down memory lane, other times it feels like you are right back in high school! Urrgh (unless you liked high school)

    Maybe you should try it?

    The title just came to me, as I was staring at the post with no words and just pictures. I was just glad that this time I managed to be looking at the sunset instead of it just happening and me not being aware of it! Even if you miss a million of them, there will always be another one waiting :)

    I guess that is another vote for me writing that post then! lol

    Glad you liked the photographs :)

    Haha at devoted fans, not sure about that.

    Uh oh at the ominous "helping" .... I think I know were you are coming from though and hopefully when I write this post, you will see where I am coming from too!

  11. Hi
    I've just stumbled across your blog while, er, avoiding stuff and wanted to say I'm really enjoying it. Hope you don't mind someone else reading it!
    As to why therapists go into therapy, I'd LOVE to know. I think it humanises, and also gives a sense of 'well if they ended up all serene and wise, from a load of crap, then so might I'!

  12. Hey Claire! Excellent pictures!
    I'd love to read the answer to those two questions as well. I've gotten more interested in psychology myself lately since I have classes in it in school now. Fun stuff! :)

  13. @R

    Hey R, this blog wouldn't exist if I wasn't avoiding something or other, so you are more than welcome here!

    I think I can do the 'humanise' bit, not sure about the serene and calm though ha.

    Hey dude! I meant to reply on photo thread about the teacher thing, very cool indeed.

    I guess I am writing that post then.

    /puts thinking cap on


  14. Claire,

    :::Do you wonder what motivates someone to become a therapist?:::

    I think you already mentioned you'd write the post so I'll wait for it.

    I almost went in that direction, originally, and later found advertising wasn't much different. :)


  15. @Rich

    Yikes Rich, don't know how I feel about that, no offence to advertising, but erm well yikes!

    At least it food for thought or fuel for blogging!

    Thanks for popping in :)

  16. Definitely yes- write that post, please!! :)

  17. I am glad you got to "let your hair down". :) Everyone needs that from time to time...and NO hangover, well that's a plus!

    You got some amazing photos to boot. Sounds like a perfect time.

  18. Those photos are gorgeous! I am trying to take more as part of my new year's resolution but I am just not very good at it. Just need practice I guess...

    It's good you got to let your hair down, and lucky that you weren't so hungover you missed those beautiful shots!

  19. I've been so slack at checking out blogs..if I tell you I'm also self-imploding due to the PhD work, I know you'll understand.

    Great photos and, yes, it's interesting to read about what motivates people to work as a therapist and to understand their fears...When I started out, I suffered greatly from Imposter Syndrome, quite common, and it still surfaces from time to time..

  20. Hi. I love your photos. thanks for sharing. :)

  21. The photographs are lovely and getting out with your dad seems like a treat. Of course we all want to hear what motivates and/or challenges you. It may just be pixels roaming through the air, but friends always want to listen to friends.

  22. @reagan

    Another vote added! hehe :)


    Yeah super glad there was no hangover, the older you get, the less fun they are!

    I take a million shots and am left with few that are usable, it definitely is practice, practice, practice!

    Hey thanks for making it over, especially with your own self implosion going on, I don't even want to imagine what I would be like if I ever do a pHD. Ohhh Impostor syndrome definitely sounds like something I could have!

    Cheers dude

    Thanks very muchly! :)

    Ever since wondering/pondering about this post, I have become more reluctant to write it! Not sure what that I all about. Well actually I do, but well erm phooey.

    Took lots of photographs though :)

    /runs off

  23. Bird watching? Awesome photograph taking sessions? Bacon for breakfast? Aw, I am already into your blog right now!! I was going to say, into you, but then that sounded strange. Haha. You sound cool, you know. Well of course, you know. :)

  24. Claire, you take me back to a place that scares me - my misspent youth! The joys of being refused entry into Liverpool nightclubs, I know them well :D And You know what? Martin Mere was a BIG favorite place of mine, and when things were particularly tough I'd take big huffy walks along Southport's endless beach and everything would feel better. Those photos actually brought a bit of a lump to my throat I recognise the places so well.

    Of course we'd love to know what therapy's like from your side of the desk. Apart from the fact that you could make paint drying sound interesting, that IS a fascinating topic. No rush, no rush :)