11 Feb 2011

Doodle House

Thanks to the wonderful world of twitter, I got to doodle a wee little house for the wonderful  "It's good 2 give" Charity.

It’s Good 2 Give (registered charity number SC041416)  officially came to life in April 2010 and already we have raised over £70,000 for local young people with cancer and their families. We’re little and local and 100% of the money you donate will go to the cause. No rent, no wages, no waste.


I was asked by @LeePeyton sometime last summer (summer! what a joke) and of course I said yes! The idea behind the doodle, was child's idea of a holiday cottage with their family. I can easily tap into my inner child, so it wasn't too difficult a challenge.

Doodle process: Lessons Learnt! 
As the new site for the charity was taking time to come together, as they do, I decided that I didn't like the doodle you see above and could do a much better job. When you are learning new doodle stuff all the time, you tend to look back at some stuff with a slight tinge of horror. So I cracked out the new paints and paper and proceeded to doodle a new house. If you watch the slideshow, you will see how it progresses nicely, until I over ink the piece and turn the little blonde stick doodle person into a menace! If anyone is interested, I was thinking of blogging about the main doodle lessons I have learnt so far, including the materials I use?

Doodle Slideshow

So glad that they went with the original doodle and that I will doodling some new things for this charity soon! A big thanks to @leepeyton for asking me in the first place, he is such an inspirational man, a fireman, husband, dad and an adventurer (crazy sports event dude), always raising money for charity. Check out his website Breaking Strain . It is GOOD to give, even if its a daft doodle.

Self Exam Doodles : Is my chance to learn more doodling skills and raise awareness using those doodles, whilst the focus is on the Breast Self Exam doodles, we will always be linking in with other great causes. 'We' is myself and the very cool TJ Lubrano (@TJLubrano)

Every Friday someone wins a doodle from one of us, so if you 'Like' us, then you could win one yourselves.


  1. That is gorgeous. Can I make one practical suggestion though - if you get a piece of stiffest card or wood and tape your watercolour paper to it with masking tape you paint it then leave it on for a few hours after it's dried, you'll reduce that rolling wave misshaping of the paper which in turn will make it easier to scan.
    Hope this isn't overstepping a line!

  2. I love Doodle House but then I suppose you won't be surprised because I love all your doodles. :) Doodling/painting for charities is a wonderful thing to do. Keep the creativity flowing Calire. You rock!

  3. What Demian said - that's what Amanda does with her paintings and such and it makes a huge difference in the finished project.

    Nice to see how that came together even if you decided to go with the original which I must say is darned cute!

  4. Claire-I think we should all move into Doodle House. Looks like an enchanting place to live. So sweet of you to devote your time and talents to such a wonderful cause. Keep mining that inner child-there's plenty of gold there.

  5. @Demian: Not overstepping the line at all! I love tips! I have started to do the taping thing, but to be honest I haven't been great at it. I started doing the tape thing, so that I would leave a border around the image, because when I was scanning the image bits got cut off. I forgot that I was meant to be taping to stop the wrinkling! whoops.

    @Timethief: I definitely get a kick out of creating something for such cool causes like this charity. I think it's good for the soul, if such things exist.

    @Linda: The tip is duly noted! I really need to start paying more attention to the preparation of things, as it makes things easier in the long run!

    I am just glad that they went with one of them. I was disappointed that I messed up the 2nd one though, but it was a valuable lesson.

    @NP: I would definitely live in Doodle House! I think projects like this keep the inner child alive and well, so for me, it's a win win situation. :) :)

  6. Very nice Claire. The one flying the kite just looks so happy.