24 Feb 2011

Random Doodle Update

Girl driving car
I hope you liked the epic Grumpus tale " The Grumpus and Love" ? Because I am currently working on a LOT of new Grumpus ideas.So if you have any Grumpus story related ideas, specifically related to holidays that you celebrate, please leave a suggestion in the comment section. So whilst I get on with sketching, painting, scanning and titivating, I thought I would update you on some of my more current doodles for various people.

Trumpasaurus Rex:
This was inspired by an awesome little chap, who at the age of four already has an awesome sense of humour.
Trumpasaurus Rex

The crabheaded man:
Inspired by a particular arsehole/asshole who cooks and is obsessed with some weird herb/spice combination I have never heard of. He seems to make passable food though and has a very cute little daughter (how did that happen?). Check out his blog (with awful design template) Cooking for Assholes and on twitter he is @cookingasshole.

and If you 'like' Self Exam Doodles' on facebook, you could win a doodle like this lady...
Her name is Zeta, named by the dude that won her "Mike's World"

Maths Pinup


  1. Nice stuff Claire! :D (even though the tragic gaseous death of the dinosaurs brought about by Trumpasaurus Rex brings tears to my eyes)

  2. It's been awhile since I visited here. Looks like the zeta function has produce some excellent curves.

  3. Zeta was up for auction? Why was I not informed of this? I see great potential for Trumpasaurus Rex. The world needs to lighten up and could use an irreverent, fun-loving dinosaur right now.

  4. Trumpasaurus reminds me of my hubby... just sayin'...

    I'm with Tricia, I'll take Zeta's figure, too! Can you doddle me a new body?

  5. I had not seen that CA's daughter was in the doodle! how cute!

  6. @Tricia, I think if you jump up and down on your bed like a good girl every morning and night, then you can win! hehe

    @James: I am sorry to be the one that brought this tragic story to light, but the truth had to be known!! Thanks for the compliment, I am trying out all sorts of new stuff at the moment, so its been a lot of fun.

    @Lisleman: The good thing about blogs is that you never miss anything, it's all there in the archives :) I think the Zeta function produced excellent curves to, she was a lot of fun to draw.

    @NP: I am afraid you would have to be on Facebook to win a Zeta, every week me or TJ produce a doodle for someone who has liked the Facebook page of self exam doodles. Maybe we should think of a way of including people that have actually visited/commented on the actual 'self exam doodle' website, like yourself.

    I wasn't sure about Trumpasaurus Rex at first, but once he was drawn I really liked him, so maybe I will do more adventures for him?

    @Lois, Oh dear! I hope you have a gas mask then? hehe.

    My skills are limited to doodle life currently, I am not up to Jessica Rabbit skills yet :)

    @Deray, Who knew that CA could produce anything that cute? jajaja :)