1 Mar 2011

Grumpus and Dewi

After Grumpus's disastrous meeting with Valentine, he felt a wee bit bad about the decapitation, stoning and shooting through the heart thang. So from that day forward he decided to play nice with all the other saints, in the hopes that one day he would get to be St Grumpus and have a holiday of his very own! Erm I mean he wanted to be nice and stuff like that, in a truly altruistic way.

Grumpus and Dewi

The Grumpus came across Dewi whilst he was up on a hillock, talking to a bird. The bird twas a dove perched upon Dewi's shoulder. Turns out Dewi was a vegetarian, who liked to party in Glastonbury, so after a few wild nights, Grumpus went on his way. Dewi was nice on all, but what with all the leeks and being vegetarian, I am sorry to say that Dewi had more than a little wind problem. 

Happy Saint David's Day to my Welsh Chums!
Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus.

Factoid: The welsh leek has a flower much like a daffodil (which is quite a bit easier to find around the world in March), so many use daffodils instead

What will the Grumpus get up to next? I wonder if you can guess?


  1. I'm not quite sure I get all the Welsh meaning with the wind and all (here the use of wind as you did implies he might have a farting problem.) Either way, I enjoying the ditty and the doodle and look forward to the next one.

  2. Oooh I love the orange and yellow in this one. I never heard of St.David's Day, so I've learned something new! He has a wind problem huh? Hmm interesting hehe.

    Does Dewi have hippie influences as he talks to birds? Just wondering here, hope I don't offend Dewi by asking this!

  3. leeks give me wind,too!

  4. No clue what leeks are, but I bet I'd get wind, too! Hahaha.

    I like the daffodils, they are a sure sign of spring. Around here they are sold as a fundraiser for the american cancer society, they call it daffodil days, I always uy them when I spot a stand. They are so pretty and refreshing after a grey miserable winter.

  5. Claire, you have the wackiest sense of humor. You always make me laugh. Looks like Grumpus has escaped the chains of matrimony at last and is wandering free again. I foresee great things ahead for our fractious friend after his serendipitous meeting with the convivial and flatulent Dewi. Eagerly awaiting new adventures.

  6. @Petra, Let's just say that I use some (a LOT) poetic license with the tale of St David (Dewi). He was meant to be a vegetarian, so as I know that vegetarians have wind problems (they really do), I decided to make him farty too :)

    Glad you enjoy my nonsensicalness :)

    @TJ, I want to go quite mad with the Daffodils, so pleased with how it turned out, there was more daffodil at the bottom, but the nasty tape ripped it off when I removed it :(

    I may have invented the wind problem, read reply to Petra to know more! :)

    Apparently he has painted a lot with a white dove on his shoulder, not sure why! I was hoping some Welsh person would pop in and enlighten me.

    @Lois, I think it effects a lot of people in that way :) :)

    @Lisa, Really?? You have never had a leek or seen one???? Never had lovely leek and potato soup!


    I love daffodils, they are so cheery and like you say, a sign of spring and sunshine! They are used by cancer charity over here too, probably the same one.

    @NP: Acknowledging my wacky sense of humour and making you laugh, is a most excellent compliment!

    I love how you interpret the doodles I do (and photographs I take) as you always see stuff that I only subconsciously add and reflect on later. This Grumpus loves to wander free, let's hope he meets some more convivial peeps along the way. Although I do want some horrid things to happen along the way too :)

  7. Ha ha! How did I miss this? Poor Dewi has a flatulence problem, eh? Well, he still looks cute. And I love Grumpus. Such a sweet, silly beast!