8 Mar 2011

Grumpus and the Damned Pancake

Tis Pancake Day! Otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday and Grumpus does NOT like pancakes. He normally loves all things bad for you, but not these edible circles of doom and fat. In fact, just the thought of pancakes is making Grumpus even greener than he already is! The pancake hatred started when Grumpus was just a wee furball and Great Grandpa-pa Grumpus put a hex on his pancakes, so if anyone tried to eat them, the pancake would come alive and slap you in the face. As you can guess, Great Grandpa-pa Grumpus, was not allowed to Grumpus sit very often.
Grumus and the pancake of doom

Instead of pancakes,Grumpus dreams of living the life of his cousin Le Coeur Méchant, who is currently living it up at this year's Mardi Gras Day festivities in New Orleans. The Mardi Gras brings back a lot of fond memories of the days when people wore less clothes and were generally more naughty.

Le Coeur Méchant at Mardi Gras

What is next for Grumpus? Guess or Die*
*Death is not guaranteed or in fact expected, but would be appreciated.
ermi guessing would be appreciated, not death.

International Women's Day
English Lady
In other news, today is the 100th year of celebrating International Women's Day, which I have blogged about before in 2009, but subsequently forgot about, whoops! I could pass off Grumpus as a very hairy woman (he might be!) and dedicate the post to all the hairier than average women out there. 
Instead I shall direct your attention to my other project, which is 'Self Exam Doodles'. That is most definitely a project about women and trying to go international, by translating it into as many languages as possible. The project also fits quite nicely into the 'arty' theme of this year's International Women's Day. Just like you can get breast cancer any day of the year, you can also look around you any day of the year and see inspirational women. You don't need an awareness day or month, but reminders are always nice. So a rather mixed message of feel your breasticles and take note of the women in your life that inspire you, from me.


  1. no pancakes here... just a tuna sandwich. Not exciting, but I need the Omega 3s. Doc says I'm low on that. So at 50 cents a tin, I'm on it. Budget eats.

  2. Of COURSE he wants to be like Le Coeur Méchant - look at all the boobs he'll get to see at Mardi Gras!

  3. Fat Tuesday is Pancake Day? I am so confused ... but I'm sure it has nothing to do with Grumpus and all to do with cruising and trains and such as my head seems to be screwed on wrong today!

    Out of curiosity, is there such a thing as International Men's Day??

  4. Mmm, pancakes! :)

  5. @Lois, I don't like pancakes, but would rather them than Tuna out of a can, unless the tuna is mixed with something tastylicious.

    @Tricia, Yeah its a no brainer really! Pancakes or debauchery? :) :) Have you ever been Mardi Gras, I can definitely picture you there!

    @Linda, Fat Tuesday is indeed Pancake day, all about getting fat using up all the yummy food before Lent, if you are that way inclined.

    I think until equality is just a thing in History books, every other day is for 'Men'.

    Hope you get your land lubbing legs back soon!

    @Moon Tree: No pancakes lovers here! YUCK! :)

  6. I think Grumpus will go on Spring break next ;-)
    I love pancakes but I don't plan to eat any today :-P

  7. @Deray, Grumpus is not American! So he will not be going on Spring Break, but his cousin might :)

    Blurgh to pancakes!

    Guess again!

    Also do you celebrate Day of the dead?

  8. I love pancakes, stuffed myself full of them instead of eating proper food. Even tried pancakes with jam and clotted cream, sort of cream tea style. I think there is no international mens day as the overwhelming smell of farting would be an enviromental nightmare.

  9. O,grandpa-pa Grumpus, how diabolical! Fresh pancakes smothered in pure maple syrup is the nectar of the gods.

    And well do I remember those days when people wore less clothes and were generally more naughty-they were called the "1960s."

  10. Hello. Enjoy the blogs and the art!