2 Apr 2011

Animal mad aunt and stuff

Well I was going to do a "Grumpus visits his Mother" post, a nod to it being Mother's day in the UK(tomorrow), but he doesn't like her and refused to cooperate. Now some people would assume that that was just a flimsy excuse about not being prepared and time catching up with me, but we know better, right? Anyhoo I can always backtrack and make him visit his mom for the US version of Mother's day.

So the question still remains... WTFWGGN?

The creation of a doodle for my Aunt's birthday.
creating doodle

Soon I will be opening for doodle business, it has been in the works for a quite a while now! I just wanted to mention it here and put the feelers out, as I will be wanting opinions from the people that have been a great support to me (you lot). Well not just a support, this blog is the thing that inspired me to pick up a pencil again. So I will be writing more about this when I am at the next stage, which will probably be the webiste launch and facebook page shenanigans. When I have created more examples and the website is done, I think that will allow me to explain what type of doodliness I will be offering. I am excited/nauseous/excited about it all and have been lucky with the help that I am getting to set things up. It is a long process from market research to marketing to selling and more. As I take a giant leap into the unknown (for me), it is nice that I will always have this place to brain vomit on.

Random thoughts:
Waffles (potato) and tomato sauce, has evolved into Brie and fiery hot chutney on crackers.Just a thought that popped into my head, as I was munching on the crackers. Brie use to be a horrid cheese that my parents loved, now I think it's awesome. Actually the highlight of my night was eating that brie and crackers with a mug of hot chocolate. What is happening to me!


  1. How exciting! I wish you well on your venture. Make sure to keep us posted. And I love Adele's Ark. Very cute.

  2. Grumpus doesn't like his mother? Sigh ... Kids these days! Definitely make him go visit her on our US version of the holiday whether he wants to or not!

    I'm sure that your doodle business will be a huge success and it just makes me really happy to know that you'll be doing something you love versus something you have to. That makes all the difference in the big world of earning a living!

  3. Brie is an acquired taste and a deep red or burgundy goes nicely with it. Glad you are proceeding into DoodleDom. Soon we shall have to mold a crown for you to wear while you draw. It's be a nice touch.

  4. Good for you! I bet the mum is mighty proud of her Claire. I'm rooting for you!!!

  5. Brie cheese, yum! Not only are your doodles and your creative life accelerating at breakneck pace, so apparently are your taste buds. I'm sorry to hear about Grumpus's estrangement from his Mum, but he certainly seems to be keeping better company these days-judging by the kindly and happy faces in your doodle. Taken any photographs lately? Would love to see them if you have.

    Take care, Mr. NP.

  6. Your doodles are wonderful and I have been curious for years why they didn't lead you in a professional direction. I'll look forward to the new venture and stand on the sideline to cheer you on. Not sure what you will be doing with them, but I bet they would go as well as an antidote for the sweet and pretty Jaquie Lawson cards

  7. @Janene, Thanks muchly! I was reluctant to mention anything business like on this blog, as sometimes people run to the hills if they think you are going to try sell them something! But this is a part of me and I like blogging about what is going on in my life. So I hope people stay interested :)

    @Linda, The Grumpus has a good reason for not liking her, well he thinks he does anyways. But maybe I will send him for a visit on USA moms day, just to cause trouble.

    Fingers crossed that I am a success! At least I will always enjoy doodling, business or not. Unless by the end of all this business setting up stuff, I never want to draw again hehe

    @SKDD, I haven't developed my wine palette yet, still prefer beer over wine :) Thanks for pooping in and I look forward to this crown, I think it will look glorious! hehe

    @Gracie, Much thanks for your support and cheerleading over the years. Mum is definitely proud of me, which is a good feeling :)

    @Mr NP,
    A few years ago I certainly wouldn't have been eating brie and thinking of doodle business, it is funny how life changes :)

    Oh I haven't taken any photographs lately, but you must have peeked into my mind, as I have dying to get outside and take some! I think I might have to, especially as you have asked so nicely!

    @Jamie: Awww you are so nice! Well you always are. I think the doodles just crept up on me, first it was just a fun way of adding interest to my blog post and then they grew more more into a way of expressing the life around me and in my head.

    I would love to be an antidote to Jacquie Lawson, even though I think they are beautiful beautiful cards. That is definitely something that may possibly be on the list! Hopefully the next business post will add some clarity and you can give me some awesome feedback.

  8. Mmmm, how interesting! Waiting for your next post.

  9. @David, Well hopefully it is interesting! Should be ready with new post this weeks and new links for everyone to follow :) :)