23 Apr 2011

George, Grumpus, Barbara and The Egg

Meet Barbara, she is one of England's last dragons
Barbara and the Bee
There she was, just minding her own business, when a pesky bee decides to pick an argument with her! How bloody rude. Normally a dragon like Barbara would have just cremated the flying pest, but her fire glands were swollen, due to hay fever.

Unbeknown to Barbara, a pesky little man named George, was sneaking up on her, ready to make his name in the dragon killing world.....

Sneaky George

With a fatal stab to heart and wallop of his axe, poor Barbara lost her head and that pesky little chancer would hence be known as Saint George the patron saint of England.
Evil George beheads Barbara

Meanwhile lurking in a cave, The Grumpus had found a rather large egg and was contemplating a mahoosive omelet for his tea.

Grumpus contemplates an Omelette

So yet again, poor Grumpus misses out on Sainthood and will this be the last we hear about that mysterious large egg?

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The Grumpus has a Easter message for you...

Happy Easter from The Grumpus

Happy Easter minions!

Business news
I have created a series of cartoons to illustrate various parts of the new website, so as soon as they are painted, uploaded and titivated, I should only be a few days away from the site going live!


  1. Looks like the Easter Bunny sort of met the same fate as Barbara minus a sword and bloody knighthood! Very nicely drawn though! I am quite looking forward to the new website!

  2. What do you bloody mean ... "Oops!" Put it back!

  3. Tears for Barbara, sorrow for the still-not-sainted Grumpus but smiles for you Claire! Keep the good stuff coming and happy Easter! :D

  4. Man, you're gonna leave us in the dust! Anxious to see what's next!

  5. St. George hardly deserves his heroic reputation after that cowardly sneak attack on poor Barbara! I sense great things emerging from the mysterious egg, if only Grumpus has the good sense not to omelet it. But that will have to wait for your next installment. Happy Easter, and all that stuff, Ms. Grumpus!

  6. Poor barbara and the bunny! lol.

  7. Forgot to say I can't wait for the new website. I want to commission something for Miss Megan's room. Maybe something that keeps their head! lol.

  8. That bee was bloody rude indeed! But poor Barbara, how sad that she died like that. Hehe. Grumpus needs to pay a bit more attention in his journey to become a Saint. I can't blame him though, his mind was set on food. Haha!

    *waits impatiently for the site to go live!!*

  9. Oh no! Grumpus isn't going to make it to the pearly gates at this rate. He may be going to HELL o-0 lol :D

  10. Good for you! (regarding business news.)

  11. That was one hell of a bad day for Barbara :-P

  12. lol, another great story from you! Excellent work :)

  13. @Barry, I hope your sides didn't split? :P

    @Linda, the poor bunny, if only they weren't so tasty! Thanks for the compliment and hopefully the new website doesn't dissapoint.

    @Theresa: Nope! Not putting it back!

    @James, was a sad day for Barbara indeed and shocking that the history books neglected to tell her side of the story. Poor Grumpus will have his day, someday? I shall try to keep the good stuff coming and hope you had a good easter?

    @Grace, I might leave you in the dust, if I explode, hehe :) :)

    @NP, Those Historians have some cheek, get the past so wrong! One wonders who is paying them to write those gross untruths! Let us hope that Grumpus's head not stomach makes the right decision about the egg. We wont find out for a few weeks yet......


    @Lisa, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how exciting! But! Is decapitation not the latest thing for a childs room? (lol)

    @TJ, I think the bee was a rogue ninja bee, under the control of George and tricked poor Barbara! I don't think Grumpus really understands what it is to be a 'Saint' if he did, he might not want to be one.

    @Timethief, Well Grumpus has a cousin guarding the fiery gates of hell, so he would probably enjoy a trip down south :)

    @Rico, Hey dude! Hope life as a papa is treating you well? and much thanks for comment about business :) :)

    @Deray, Tis the life that a dragon must lead :(

    @Alsion, I am sorry, but yes she did :(

    @Photosbyhank, Aww thanks Sir Hankimus! :) Hope you are well?