29 Apr 2011

Off with your head

I had hoped that the website would be ready this weekend and I could be out pickling myself from the inside --- out, with the rest of the country. Alas it is not, as I keep drawing things that need painting and the perfectionist monster has reared it's ugly head and may have had a tantrum.....

I guess that is one of many perils when you are setting up your own business and are not only producing the product, but also doing all the marketing, advertising and research yourself. Unfortunately you can't fire yourself or give yourself a raise, well I think you can give yourself a raise, but you have to earn money first.

In the meantime The Grumpus has been reminiscing about the last time there were lots of blue blooded creatures about and it wasn't for a wedding. Something tells me that The Grumpus is not a fan of weddings or grossly affluent people.

I had a dream

It was bloody

Grumpus Dream

Happy Birthday to the Jempot, the only thing worth celebrating today.


  1. Claire-always a refreshing and irreverent view. Glad to see the Grumpus and its creator have maintained their perspective on this silly spectacle.

  2. The pictures are so funny! :)

  3. I think that you actually could fire yourself but only if you found someone to replace yourself first ... that might be in the small print somewhere!

    Cheer up, you'll be up and running in no time even though right now I'm sure no time feels more like eternity!

  4. It would be pretty cool to say to yourself "Well Claire, I think you've done outstanding work so far! So I I know I will give myself a raise!"

    That would be cool :D. We need a clone I think hehe. Happy Belated Birthday to Jemma! Hope she had a wonderful day!

    Goooo Grumpus :D

  5. @NP: It was a silly spectacle indeed, they seem nice enough people, but not worth all that hooha and money.

    @Italo, hehe :)

    @Linda: I could fire myself right this very minute, as I pressed blasted 'publish' instead of preview on latest post, before I was ready! So annoying, but google picks up a new post in lightening speed, so you just have to go with it!

    @TJ: We have LIFT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!