7 May 2011

The Doodologist is open for business

Tada! Finally the website is finished! So I can now talk at great length about my new business like venture. It is still only in the baby stages, so as I learn, things will change and evolve.

Firstly the name.... The Doodologist, which is pronounced dú-dŏl'ə-jĭst, is because I have a degree in Doodology dú-dŏl'ə-jē...

Okay not really, both are terms that I have made up, but I think they sound rather cool? Folks that have been reading my blog for a while now, should know that I always refer to any artwork that I do, as a 'Doodle' even when it is technically not. I think 'Doodle' just became a term I felt comfortable with, so when thinking of a title that I could identify with 'The Doodologist' just seemed to fit. I wanted something fun and also self explanatory, so I hope that it works?

open for business 2 final
Now I will treat you to an illustrated guide to the new 'The Doodologist' website, you lucky swines! heh.

You will be shocked to find out that the 'About' section of the website, is in fact all about me! Oh? that is not shocking?  Moving swiftly on.
About me final

The 'FAQs' section of the website is the largest section, as I have tried to answer all the things that 'I' think need answering. Hopefully I have not left out anything glaringly obvious? 
faqs final

I have included information about prices in the 'FAQs' section, as that seemed the best place for it.
price is right final

Doodle Mail:
I have also included the Postage and Packing information in the 'FAQs' section.

doodle mail final

I have created a 'Gallery' section on the website, where you can see a small selection of my current work, with links to my larger Flickr Portfolio. I will hopefully be updating this section quite regularly, with fresh new content.
gallery final

A rather simple and to the point 'Contact' form , nobody has tested it out yet, so if anyone wants to try it out?
contact me final
Creating Your Doodle
In the 'Creating Your Doodle' section of the website, I have tried to make the process of getting the doodle ball rolling, as smooth and as fun, as possible. I have done this by creating a form that, once filled, contains all information I need to create the doodle and allows me to give the customer a final quote on the cost of the doodle.
doodle checklist final

Suggestion Box:
In this section of the website, the 'Suggestion Box' is really just an example of the work I have done, could do and would like to do in the future.
suggestion box final
Find me:
Oh and if you could be a love, I am also on Twitter and Facebook as 'The Doodologist', so if you could follow/like away, that would be bloody grand of you.

follow me final

Just how many personalities can one have on Facebook and Twitter... A Lot! But each are important to me, in their own special way.

I would really, really, REALLY! Appreciate people's opinions, thoughts, criticisms etc on this new business venture of mine, so please have a look and then let me know here what you think. This is all very new to me and as it's something I am doing alone, you can sometimes lose perspective on things.

Thanks for reading/looking/contributing/supporting and all that bollocks... Mwah
The Doodologist 


  1. Hey!
    Even I call all kinds of drawings doodles. eve paintings!
    Gonna take a look at the new blog :D

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY :D!! Congratulations!! *throws around champagne*

    I shall browse around the site in a bit ^_^. Need to get some food & coffee first!!

    Let the Doodle Adventure begin!!


  3. WOOOHOOO! Glad you are up and running!! I WILL be checking it out! Hugs to you!

  4. Oh dear, TJ was throwing champagne around here, too? Does she not realize how bloody sticky that stuff is??

    Anyhow, I have sent you a test message, followed you on Twitter, liked you on Facebook, and been duly impressed with all that you've done on your new website. It looks fab!

    Now then ... let's get you some paying customers, eh?!?

  5. I wish you the best of lucks in this new enterprise Claire, of course I'm following you on twitter and liked you on FB ;-)

  6. @V: Hey thanks for popping in, glad someone else calls whatever art they are creating 'doodles'. Hope you liked the new website?

    @TJ: Much thanks for all your support and advice! Now clean up that champagne, its sticky! hehe. I know I will be needing more of your advice along the way! :)

    @KaLynn: Thanks ever so much for the WoHoooo's! It is much appreciated, glad the people are as excited as me!!

    @Linda: TJ gets a bit excitable at times, but she means well (hehe).

    Message recieved loud and clear, thanks for that and of course for all the liking an a following. So pleased to be able to share the website with some fresh eyes and get opinions on what works, what doesn't! Thank YOU!!

    Hopefully I will be fighting off customers soon :)

    @Diana/Deray: Yay thank you Diana! for the luck, liking and following :) :)

  7. Really happy to see that you're taking your passion to the next step. I really love what you're doing!

  8. Wow! What a nice blog! I like your Doodles.
    I am happy because i found your blog :)

  9. Claire, I'm so happy for you. It's obvious how much thought and hard work you've put into all of this. New beginnings are so exciting, and a whole new vista of life is opening up to you. And I loved this whole post, so Claire, so whimsical, so creative.

  10. It's looking brilliant Claire! I need to commission you now...

  11. @Phoenix: Yay thanks for such a lovely comment, it is so cool that people have jumped on board with me :)

    @Shorty: Thanks for popping in, it is always cool to see new people commenting :)

    @NP, I have thought a lot about you lately, especially with the new business and the career switch. I feel like I understand your reasons a LOT more now.

    @Alison: Thanks muchly dude!! Ohhhhh I shall look forward to it :)

  12. Claire, I'm tremendously flattered that you would ever give me a thought. And now that you understand my reasons so well, perhaps you can explain them to me.

  13. @NP, I just answered some questions for a BC interview, I think if you read them (when its published), you might see what I was thinking about!

  14. Woo Hoo! Best wishes to you in what you doodle, do, do. :)

    P.S. I love these images. :)

  15. You are so creative! These are charming and excellent!

  16. @Time Thief: Awww thanks! It is much appreciated and so happy that you like the images.

    @Cher: Thanks ever so much :)

    I especially chose a slightly different style of drawing when creating the website images, as I wanted them to cute, appealing and something that showed off "my style". I hope I was successful in that :)

  17. Oooops! I totally forgot I threw around with champagne here as well. My apologies Linda *bows* I cleaned it up and added some cookies for you on the table ^_^



  18. @TJ: Oh cookies! I could kill for some right about now.

  19. You will do great!! :) Congrats on the site!

  20. @TJ, You made a right mess everywhere! Thanks goodness you make such nice cookies! hehe :)