14 May 2011

Defining Me - The Doodologist and Doodology

Doodology dú-dŏl'ə-jē
Doodologist dú-dŏl'ə-jĭst
I have realised that I have never explained my switch from therapist in training to The Doodologist, especially confusing for those that have been reading this blog for quite  a while now. In this interview, I explain myself somewhat, if you care to read it: Interview with me, myself and I.

So moving on, I have survived my first week as a businesswoman, so I decided to get a tattoo as a reward for all my hard work.
It is bloody hard to photograph ones own wrist
Only bloody joking, I am not getting a tattoo...yet! A facebook page that I 'like' called Creative Boom mentioned these dudes called Roood Boogie Temporary Tattoos, I was intrigued, as I love all things tattoo.

Awesome Roood Boogie (latest WIP in the background)
So I wandered over and discovered that not only were they cool temporary tattoos, but you could also create your own bespoke temporary tattoos, using your own doodles (designs).

You can read more about this over here 'What to doodle do? Get inked!

Question: If you had a 'The Doodologist' temporary tattoo, where would you put it?

Shout out
My good chum TJ,who is my doodle mentor/creative partner in crime has been a freelance illustrator for over six months now, wow that time has whooshed by. She magically rambles on about it in this blog post Magical wiffle waffle. Also she has finally set up a facebook page TJ Lubrano's Illustrations ( which you can like, after you have liked The Doodologist and The Grumpus, hehe).

Other stuff:
I have added a blog section over on 'The Doodologist', I think this helps with the googly moogly type stuff. I also thought it would be cool to have a business blog. My head may explode with all the social network/media things that I have to update now, but every little helps? Right?

A big THANK YOU for all the support I have had so far, from people blogging, twittering, facebooking links and wishing me 'good lucks'. 

Please keep offering thoughts, opinions, criticisms and all that fun stuff, it really has been invaluable! Over the weekend I will be asking for input on business card designs, so keep your eye out for that. No rest for the wicked and all that.


  1. This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about this topic. You know so much it’s almost hard to argue with you (not that I really would want...Ha-ha). You definitely put a new spin on a subject that been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

  2. Love the tattoo! How fun that you can design your own! I don't know what I'd put on mine if I had one. Maybe a seashell or sand dollar.

  3. Everyone bow to the Doodologist!!!

    Hehe :D. Thanks so much for the shout out :D What a lovely surprise!

    Man! Keeping all the social media thingies up to date...such a pain in the ass sometimes. But after a while you will notice what works for you and what not. So it's for the better in the end (-_-)

    I really looove the tattoo! And I probably would wear it on my wrist. That's where I would put a real tattoo as well.

    Time is certainly wooshing by! Better wear your seat belts!


  4. I wish you all the best in your new venture. You are very, very good. :)

  5. How cool are those tatts! Congrats one your first week business woman!

    Always have enjoyed your blog and work, to say you are talented would be a gross understatement!

  6. Loving your talented doodling and wishing you all the best :)

  7. Wow, congratulations! I am thoroughly checking out your Doodologist site now!

    By the way, I thought that tattoo was real at first glance and thought it looked awesome!!

    Best of luck with the business!

    Kim xx

  8. Uh-oh, I'm going to have to try to remember to mention those temporary tattoos to Amanda as I have no doubt she'd absolutely love them as well as be able to come up with quite a few of her own to plaster all over herself and her friends. The uh-oh part comes in with trying to remember!

    I think a wrist tattoo would be pretty darned cool - though pretty darned painful were you to get one in real ink! I prefer my tattoos on the squishier parts as it makes for less pain!

    I think you have definitely found your element and it really is a pleasure to see you blossoming and growing like you are. I'm just waiting for the day I can say "I knew her when!"

  9. Claire, I'm curious. Do you talk to your alter ego? Does she ever do anything that surprises you?

  10. i've to say that you really really are good al doodles!!! i can't doodle!!! my hands and brain are not connected!!!

  11. I'm so glad you survived your first week. Congrats! Those tatoos are wicked cool, as well. I might have to get some made, too!

  12. Geez-- you have gotten a lot done in a short period of time. Which reminds me, I want to add a link to the Doodologist from TSR, and mention it to the ladies there, as they have LOTS of special occasions and would likely enjoy your work.

    Now I just need to get MY butt in gear and post! :)

    Toasting a Guinness to you.

  13. Great tatoo. Love the design.

  14. Oops I have been remiss in responding to my comments! Stand by and await mass reply due to Blogger/Blogspot still shoddy reply function.

  15. @Ceska, I think your comment made about 33% of sense..... But I will leave it there to make fun of you.

    @Lois: Yes very fun aint they! Just spotted the company by chance and seemed like a fun idea. I had to google 'sand dollar' what a cool thing! and a great idea for a tattoo, real or temporary.


    No bowing! Well not until I have actually taken over the world.

    You are more than welcome for the shout out, it is a pleasure knowing you and seeing your illustrations.

    I am coping with the social media side of things, well apart from the blogs, which is a kinda funny. But as they are reliant on new images, I like to take my time with them. I think people are use to my random blog posting schedule by now.

    You have a chance to show where you would put it! hehe (the temp tattoo).

    /seat belt on.

  16. @Relax Max: Hey you rabid dog, it is nice seeing you here and thank you for the compliments and best wishes :)

    @Photos By Hankus: Thanks muchly, it feels cool being called that!

    Also much thanks for the compliments, it is lovely of you to say that. I hope all your photography is going well?

    @Timethief, thanks as always for the lovely comment :)

    @Kim, Hey Kim thanks for checking out the site and the compliments/best wishes. I haven't forgotten about our top secret project stuff, just need a bit of time to find some time lol. I am really tempted to get the tattoo done for real, especially if business goes well!

    @Linda, Oh I think Amanda could have a LOT of fun designing temporary tattoos, something she could sell at those conventions she goes too?

    As I have mentioned in other comments, I am definitely tempted to get the wrist tattoo, but shall ponder it for a while.

    I am also waiting for time that I can say I knew me then hehe.

    @Pacific: All the bloody time, every aspect of blogging/doodling is like a conversation with myself. I don't think I have been surprised yet.

    @Jenn: It has happened at a scarily fast pace, which is probably why I am so knackered! I thought my idea machine would ease up once I turned this project public, but in fact it has spurred on other ideas too.

    I need to comment on your post, will do that later!

    Hooray for Guiness /downs the pint in one!

    @SingSinatra: It took a LONG time for the brain to hand function to work, so practice makes perfect an all that.

    @Janene, thanks muchly! I have had a lot of fun now that the business is launched and just about survived, although I feel like a zombie this week! hehe.

    Ohh what would you have as a tattoo?

    @Barkha, Thanks muchly! :)

  17. Nob off with your spam 5 linkers.

  18. Ooooh, you are treading a dangerous path having all those different personas to manage as I know only too well - but if anyone can do it, you can! Good luck with everything and doodle on dude :D

  19. Goodness. With all these links to places for me to like, I feel a positive outlook coming on ... everybody duck!!

    Love your doodles and the however temporary tattoo.

  20. Those are awesome!!! I might get you to make some for us when we have our Race For The Cure fundraiser later in the year... Save The Boobies Tats? :)

  21. @crazy working mom, thanks dude! and that sounds like a very VERY fun idea. Remind me nearer the time :)

  22. @Jamie, I hope you are not too tired from all that 'liking' hehe :) :)

  23. @Bird, well they have varying levels of importance so not too much of a struggle at the moment.

    (Ask me again in a month!)