12 Aug 2013

Dribbling By Royal Appointment

Hey Chums
Just over a week ago, my family and I celebrated my nephews naming day, twas a lovely day, filled with family, friends, cake and the odd clown wig. A naming day is non religious ceremony/party that welcomes the wee fella into the world/family or something like that anyways. 
(majority of photographs taken by super talented sister Jemma)

The poor sod has me as a mentor, you can peruse my promise to him in the image below. In case you are wondering, a mentor is just like a godparent, without the god stuff. 

Poor wee fella has been suffering terribly with eczema, but even with his poor itchy,scratchy wee face, he was still full of smiles and laughter. 
I had intended for Alden to wear his marvellous Giraffe Baby Bibs on his naming day, but his face/neck was just too bad. So a few days later, whilst back in the Highlands and after some super duper steroid cream, he was finally ready for his photo shoot!

Photographs taken by super talented sister Heather

Doesn't he look particularly awesome?! He even has his wee kilt on.
Review from Alden: They make me look even better than I already do!
Review from Alden's Mummy: They keep Alden nice and dry from dribble, but are not too tight around the neck. Which would be a concern, especially with his recent eczema flare up.
I have mentioned Funky Giraffe in a previous post, yet again this product was very well made, from the stitching to the quality of the royal motif. As well as this 'Royal' theme, there are tons of lovely designs and colours, that will match any outfit that your child may have.

Where to find your very own Funky Giraffe merchandise?

Website - Funky Giraffe

Some of this post may have been slightly sponsored by the fact that I got the bibs free from Funky Giraffe, BUT I genuinely love their stuff and I love blogging about my nephew, he is a wee cracker.  Free stuff is always good, I am shallow like that, but NOT all free stuff. 

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