13 Aug 2013

Technology Wishlist

Hey Everybody,
I am settling into the world of no computer at home and all the blogging/doodling stuff now takes place in the studio. Hopefully you read the post on that? If not, I now have my own studio space, in which to be creative and do a LOT of people watching (I can't help myself). I am also an expert at wandering to the kitchen area and making coffee, in which I dunk ginger nuts (the biscuit kind).

I have created a wishlist on Amazon for all my studio wants/needs and quite a few technology bits and bobs have crept onto that list Amazon Wishlist  (you can buy me things if you like).

Top of the technology wishlist are: Printer, Scanner, Speakers, wireless headphones and some sort of tablet device.

Printer: To print things, obviously. I need a good work horse of a printer, which will print off general admin stuff, invoice etc. I also need something that will print designs, templates and other reference like things, which I need to be creative. So I have literally spend hours and hours looking into printers, coming to the conclusion that I probably need two different ones AND I will also have to outsource things for my printing needs too.

Scanner: To edit doodles and turn them into digital versions, you can take amazing photographs with a DSLR or decent point/shoot camera, but scanning them is also a good option.  Also very handy when you want to spend hours looking through family photographs and scanning them for posterity.

Speakers: I have updated my desktop computer a few times now, but not the speakers and they are beginning to show their age, feedback and general screeching/crying/fuzziness, until I twiddle a few knobs. So I definitely need to update these beasts soon!

Headphones: I occasionally use headphones, well the in ear ones, like Panasonic in ear headphones when I am travelling about on the bus or walking around, or staying up late painting. Now that I am in the studio my headphone needs have changed a lot and what I really want are some noise cancelling and/or wireless babies. 

For use in the studio, so that I can wander around the studio, desk to desk, whilst listening to music/radio or a film. Especially on the days when I really need to get cracking on a project and I don't want to disturb the other studio dwellers by blasting out music. I would not whizz back and forth on my computer chair, doing weird chair dance moves*

*I totally would

Tablet device or something portable: Now that the desktop computer is at the studio, I am left without a computer at home. Luckily I have a smarter than myself phone, but I definitely need something to bridge the gap. I also want something for client meetings, to show portfolio of work whilst we chat about all things doodly.

Snap ye fingers off!

Don't even get me started on cameras! Luckily the iphone 4s has a cracking camera with it and I also have access to my dad's Nikon (used to take flowery pic above), but I really need a camera or two of my own. A trusty pocket sized one and a more substantial DSLR for my arty farty needs, as I would to get creative with my photography once more. Have you ever thought about how much the camera has evolved over the years?

Over the coming months I will hopefully be updating you, as I cross off things from my wishlist. If you have any favourite bits of kit to recommend, please do leave a comment!

Somewhat sponsored, more of a gentle nudge towards a technology like theme.

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