29 Jan 2008

Today I shall be probed.

I am off to be poked, prodded and probed by the doctor today, to hopefully solve the Sinus epidemic that i have had for a year!

I will update this post when I get back.

Before you read the update, thanks for everyone that wished me well.

Update: I was nasally probed, nasally not any other ***ally! :)
I don't know whether to be pissed off, angry, depressed or just disappointed. The doctor numbed the nostrils and had a good old probe. What did she discover? No, I repeat No sinus juice, but I do have a bent over septum. She then moved onto the ears, no sinus juice there either! But one is slightly scarred from the infections.
So there is at the moment no sign of sinusitis but that happens if you have it Chronically, so an xray of the sinus area is needed to see if there is any blockages. Now I have to wait for an xray appointment, then wait FOUR FECKING months to see the specialist.

I guess I will go with pissed off!!!

28 Jan 2008


Ever wished you could look into a crystal ball and see the future? No? me neither, just needed to get the word 'wish' in this post somehow. Damn Mo for using my amazingly brilliant word this week, therefore forcing me to participate.

Go and find other wishful thinkers over at Mo's place, Click Here : Mo.

27 Jan 2008

The ideal man

Have you found the ideal man? Well that's fabfantastic for you if you have. For those of you who that haven't, you need Uncle Loquacious in your life.
The latest letter written into Uncle Loquacious is eerily similar to something I would write, not that it is me! Who said that?

Check it out here by clicking this link Uncle Loquacious Go and Check it out now!!!
Uncle Loquacious is always looking out for new letters, do you have a relationship dilemma that only he could sort out?

Uncle Loquacious has rippled out across the net and caught a big fish!

26 Jan 2008

Old Fashioned

Click the image to read the writing

It seems very old fashioned to have to scan your photos to get them onto the computer, but I am very glad you can. Well except for those god awful photos that people keep tagging my name on over at facebook. I will have my revenge though when i dig out my incriminating bad teenage photos.

I think writing with the old pen and ink is fast becoming old fashioned, I only use a pen now when I really have to. I have found some of my own old fashion scribblings in the oracle known as my high school leavers book.

Updated: I have scanned in some dreaded teenage pictures for you to gaze at.

Look at other Old Fashioned things in .

25 Jan 2008

Willy turns to booze...

Anytime I do counselling homework I feel the need to be a wee bit silly. Also some of you are probably bored shitless with the counselling stuff.

So here is Willy!

24 Jan 2008

Past, Present and the Future

Well in college we have to do some really serious stuff, like erm Painting!! Before you start with the chuckling, let me explain a bit more.
If your a regular reader to this blog, you will of realised that I am a quite creative person. Which ranges from blogging to photography and more recently cartoon doodles on the computer. For me its not about being particularly good at anything, its about enjoying it. So while others in the class visibly grimaced when the paints were brought out, I was a little bit excited ( okay a lot). I know that I am a bad painter, but I still enjoy it.

The Window
This exercise is called 'The Window', each window pane represents a a different time in your life. They are your Past, Present, Wished for Future and Feared for future.
We were given four pieces of paper, one for each pane 'time in your life', some basic paint colours and told to paint something that summed up that time in your life.
I think everyone sat there at first thinking what the f*ck am I going to paint, but the urge to splosh paint on paper soon takes over. I found myself thinking about what I had felt in that particular moment in my life and how to sum it up using the materials we had. The class was the quietest it has ever been,as everyone was painting away.
I know painting is not going to appeal to everyone, but a lot of folks simply stop doing anything creative and messy, once they leave the classroom. So to just simply sit there and paint was very relaxing, although it did bring up feelings that I wasn't expecting.

My past: As you will see in the painting I put little faces under a cloud, but there is one sad face. Yes the sad face is me. My childhood wasn't a horrible one, yes I had my mum going in and out of hospital, but it could of been worse. The overall feeling that I get when I think about my childhood is feeling alone and a bit sad. I did put the happy smiling sun, to represent the good times.

My present: You will see the smiling face that I use in my little cartoons on this blog. To one side is the sun which represents my friends, my college course and other happy things, The other side is a murky cloud that represents all the dark, miserable thoughts that sometimes overwhelm me.

My feared future: This is simply the fear of being overwhelmed by those miserable feelings that I think haunt everyone at some time in their life.

My wished for future: Is of course myself being happy, Mountains to climb (physically and mentally), travel the world and generally a sense of excitement and adventure.

So who is ready to get the paints out?
The idea behind using paint is you can't rub it out and start again. Just go where the paint takes you.

22 Jan 2008

Phew!!!! I think? says I'm a Dorky Non-Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

Since playing around on this blog, I have been worried about my geek level. Ya know mentioning stuff like html and widget thingies.
So thanks to Alison I took a scientific test to see how geeky I really am. It turns out I am not a geek but a Dorky Non-Nerd! Yay! Hang on is Dork a good thing? I run to look it up in the dictionary (or wikitionary).

Dork is a term used to describe someone who has unusual interests and is, at times, silly or stupid.

Do you really think that is an accurate description of me?

Who fancies a game of Where's Willy!

19 Jan 2008

Snakes and Ladders

Thought you were here for a nice little game? Or just another daft cartoon. Well yes there is a daft cartoon, but I want your minds and emotions too (in a non evil way).
For my new readers, I have to admit I have lulled you into a false sense of fun. You see I am not as mad as toast all the time, in fact at times I am as deep as the deepest ocean while at other times as shallow as a puddle. I admit I am splashing in the puddle a lot of the time, but hey its mucho fun.
Yes I am getting to the point of my little ramble. During the process of becoming a counsellor, you learn a lot about yourself, some good and some bad. Even in the most simple exercises things crop up.
In class on Wednesday we did a 'Snakes and Ladders' exercise, chutes and ladders to my American readers. I thought it was going to be a cute game, but that's not quite the way it turned out.

Snakes and Ladders
It works like this, you think of your life as the game board. The ladders are the things/people that have made you happy and/or got you through a rough patch in your life. The Snakes are the things/people that have brought you down. In class we picked 5 Ladders and 5 Snakes, but you can do more if you like. Then for each Ladder we then gave it mark out of ten, ten feeling the absolute best . This was repeated for each Snake, with ten in this case being the absolute worse feeling.

Example of one of my Ladders : The nephews being born, the most important men in my life and they fill me with joy.
Others used children being born, getting married, passing driving test, passing exams etc.

Example of one of my Snakes: My Grandma having a stroke, one of the worst days in my life and I will never forget it.
Others used deaths, illnesses, losing jobs, getting divorced etc.

When added my own scores, the ladders had won, not by much though. I think if I had done this on a bad day then the snakes would of definitely had it in the bag.

Whats the point of this exercise? In a simplified way it just makes you more aware of your own thoughts and feelings. If you have more snakes in your life than ladders, what can be done about that?

I hope you enjoyed this? If you have a bash at it feel free to let me know :)

18 Jan 2008

Cartoon versions

Seeing as I haven't got a clue what most of my blog buddies really look like, that gives me a free reign to doodle do what I like.

Meet cartoon Alison from Eleanor Blog.

Cartoon Claire (number 2) from My Mad House.

I know, I know, you all bloody want one now! I will doing them as and when inspired. Especially if you do something that amuses me (painful and or embarrassing will do).
Those of you that I have 'done' before may get featured again as my doodlage skills improve. Nasty evil tempters have been filling my mind with gadgets and widgets that would allow untold possibilities! Evil I say.

17 Jan 2008

Last Marbles

Well I have reached that point, what point I hear you ask? Not that I can bloody hear through these sinus clogged bloody ears. I have finally begun to lose the last of my marbles.

Visually this is where I am at this moment in time:
In words, URGHHHHH!
No sleep, coughing up phlegm babies and constant headaches do that to a person. I am lucky that I have such great tutors and classmates in college, as I feel like I am contributing rain to a bonfire. I know some of you think my marbles went a long time ago, but there are a few left (just).
This is where I am heading if something doesn't happen soon!

I am seriously contemplating the whole snorting salty water thing, that a quite a few folks have recommended. Video of that anyone?

16 Jan 2008

Wordless Willy workout

Just in case you have been wondering what he has been up to, he has been building up his muscles.

15 Jan 2008

Enter me...

Whilst I am catching up on my assignments and library books that were meant to be returned weeks ago, i thought you would like to know about my new widget. Widget not midget and yes I am doing some studying, maybe not as much as I should be though (irc).
Anyway back to the widget, its a free blog advert thing called Entrecard. You should see my widget on the left side bar under the title of 'Blog Of The Day'. Fellow entrecard users pay you credits to display their advert for a day. The more popular your blog is on entrecard, the more credits they pay you. You can earn yourself more credits by visiting and clicking fellow entrecard widget users, which is like dropping a business card. If you see something comment worthy then leave them a comment, if you don't then don't leave a comment. This is all free by the way and rather addictive. You can do as much or as little as you want with this site, its up to you. The widget is only small and doesn't affect loading time.

So check it out and then visit my widget :)

Also Hello to Entrecard users that already dropped one on me, by that I mean their entrcards :)

14 Jan 2008

Study study study

While I have been ill with this sinus crap, I have been rather lapse with my studies. So now that it has cleared up a wee bit, it times to crack on.

12 Jan 2008

Choo choo!

The thought has crossed my mind that new visitors to site will happen across this blog and see the post below. What on earth will they think about the golden appendage? Thoughts of disgust,fear and jealousy no doubt will cross their mind. So I will do a lovely post on choo choo trains to distract them from their dark thoughts.

Well a lot of you seem to like the train station shot from Wednesday and have asked to see more. It seems as though some of you haven't paid attention to my Christmas posts, were I told you I went on the Santa Express and saw Santa! Obviously that wasn't quite enough information for those over the age of five.

The steam train was located in a place called Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands, where it operates on special occasions such as Christmas. They even do a Witch and Wizards run, after all this is Harry Potter country.
The sisters and I, all share a fascination with Steam trains as the Grandad and Dad are big fans of all things steam. So we kidnapped some children to make it look more legitimate that big folks were going on the Santa Express.
It is a lovely run surrounded by mountains and countryside, it had to stop a few times because it was running out of steam and the water supply had frozen. The people working on the train, dispensing out the toys to the children where great fun and I would highly recommend it to anyone who happens to be in that neck of the woods.

The photos were taken before, during and after the journey. My head was stuck out the window in one of the shots.

Choo Choo!

11 Jan 2008

My Golden Cock!

You know that you have really achieved something in blog world when you get one of these beauties from Lord Likely.

Thanks to this post I am now number three on google for the term 'Golden Cock'

Thanks golden cock googlers!

10 Jan 2008

Return of the Tongue

For those of you that wont have a clue what I am talking about, read the first part of this thrilling drama here in Who needs a tongue.
There is also a cartoon depicting the surgical process for that don't like to read.
(But if you cant be arsed, basically the mum may have cancer in her tongue)

Incidentally that post was quite a big hit on Stumble! Thanks for that :)

Anyhow back to point of this post. Well after a visit to the lovely dentist doctor today , he has declared the tongue cancer free, whoop whoop!

Is anything ever that simple for my mum? Of course not! Its not simply your tongue is fine, its just a manky abscess. It has to be, my that's a strange thing lets take some more blood and discover what is behind this Auto Immune phenomena! Maybe its a weird unheard of bacteria or fungi. I think you could get an episode of house out of my mums tongue.

So the tongue drama continues for now, but thankfully she will still be able to do tongue twisters!

Silly Simon's sitting in a shoe shine shop.
Where he sits he shines, and where he shines he sits.

8 Jan 2008

Strange Christmas present

Want to know where Willy came from and why on earth I post about a Non Sex Toy?

If you have ever doubted that my mum has a very unique sense of humour, check out what she bought me this Christmas.
This video was made under the influence of cold and flu medicine whilst battling severe amounts of sinus juice.

A note to Norway

Hilsener from Norway!
I am not actually in Norway just in case I confuse you. A wee while ago I won a prize from the lovely Stine, she is the Norwegian. I just went a bit eurovision song contest, they love that show over there.
As you can see in the photo above it is a lovely spoon. Its a teeny little salt spoon to be precise, with a traditional Norwegian pattern called Tele. The Tele part is because it is from the Telemark region of Norway. I now need to find an appropriate little dish to put it in, otherwise I may get cursed or something.

I have prepared a few words of thanks in Norwegian, hopefully I have not insulted you or your mother or your mother's brother:

Takk skal du ha til deres henrivende presangen , JEG elske den. Kanskje magic aldri spise du eller din slekt.

Mother's Got A Dot Com

But If I were to insult you I would use this joke :)
If a Norwegian with one arm is hanging by his arm from a tree branch, how do you get him out of the tree? Wave to him.

Stine is not the only Norwegian I have met in the blogworld there is also Jungl aka Thomas who has a go at taking the odd photo to support his knitting obsession. But can he knit anything like these socks that I got for christmas?
His knitting blog can be found here Musings from a male knitter and his mediocre photoblog here Photo's from Northern Norway.

Just in case you think I really meant Thomas's photos are mediocre, they are in fact fantastic and he is the best Norwegian ever! Go and see :)

Magic was not meant to eat Stine's family, it was meant to say TROLL!

I got many pairs of socks for Christmas, I love SOCKS! :)

7 Jan 2008

For Linda

Being the sweet child that I am, I have created this cartoon for my blogging Buddy Linda. She is feeling unwell at the moment and this cartoon depicts what she is going through. I know, I know, how thoughtful am I.

Please visit her blog and wish her well : Are We There Yet

6 Jan 2008

Sinus juice boy

sinus juice boy

I am allergic to my own home, that is the conclusion I have come to. Within hours of being home, the ears started to ache, cheeks flushed and a torrent of sinus juice began to flow out my nostrils! The cheeks on my face by the way, not my arse, just in case you were wondering.
Hopefully the cold and flu tablets will stop the flow long enough for me to download my pipes a playing video and write a half decent post on my 30,000 visitor.

5 Jan 2008

I am not in Scotland.

Hello campers I am back home after my little jaunt to the Highlands. I am also drowning in phlegm/sinus juice! Suction anyone?

Will update this later, I am off to de phlegm myself :)

4 Jan 2008

Remember I am in Scotland..

Hello campers, I am in Scotland till the 4th of January, so my blog visiting and comenting will be even crapper than usual.
I will continue to post when the mood takes me and when I can be arsed with this touch thingie on sisters laptop.
Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year :)
PS :For those that don't know what this phrase meant:
Can I be arsed = Can I really be bothered.
Touch thingie = No mouse on laptop, just a touch thingie whatsit.

2 Jan 2008

Welcome to 2008

As the monument clock struck twelve, 2008 arrived! Heather and I left the pub to bring in the new year in the lovely but freezing fresh air.
As we didn't head to the pub till elevenish so most folks were a drink or ten ahead of us, but it was a nice atmosphere and the bagpipes got you going. I have filmed the lad playing the bagpipes, so when I get home I will post it up, you can hear the bagpipes and see my sister pulling faces whilst trying to get on film. She loves being in photographs and is certainly not camera shy, chalk and cheese is the way most folks describe us.
A few drinks later and it was half three, time for home. It was definitely nicer spending New Years Eve up here in Scotland with my sister, than anything I had planned to do at home. Although there was a distinct lack of sexy highlanders with or without a kilt.

On the first day of this new year I slept in and then mooched about until it was time to head down to the harbour to see the bonfire and firework display. Before the fireworks started the bagpipers played some rousing tunes as they walked towards the harbour, it was lovely to hear. The fireworks were nowt special but it was a lovely setting beside the sea. Taking photographs of fireworks is bloody tricky, so here are the ones that turned out the best.

New Years Day

After the fireworks were finished it was time to head home for a haggis supper, which was lovely. I have had haggis quite a few times now and have become quite partial to it. Its the perfect stodgy food when you have had a stroll in the fresh air and are a little hungover from the night before.

So Happy New Year to all my blog buddies, old and new! I hope you all had a good time and that 2008 will be great year for you.